Sales Enablement

sales enablement

Sales Enablement is the act of implementing strategies, tools and processes that continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sale ecosystem.

If you are running a small business in UK and you want to increase your sales, Agile Education is here to help you to implement Sales Enablement to your business.

There are six common categories used to measure Sales Enablement.

1. Training

2. Equipping

3. Coaching

4. Assessing

5. Organization

6. Recruiting

Sales Enablement is constantly evolving, which means your sales system should too.

Research by Aberdeen has shown that 84% of sales reps at companies with best-in-class sales enablement strategies achieve their quotas, compared with 55% at companies with average strategies and 15% for laggard companies.

In order to be best-in-class, you have to embrace sales enablement from every aspect. It’s a tall order, and it can’t be achieved immediately. Build a foundation for enabling sales teams that you can grow over time.

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